Manufactured and Distributed by Markwort Sporting Goods Company  |  VARO Bat Weights Available now

Manufactured and Distributed by Markwort Sporting Goods Company  |  VARO Bat Weights Available now


  • Our players absolutely love the Varo bat weights…allows them to feel the barrel through the zone. We use Varo regularly in our daily routines, which has replaced all our other bat weights in the cages and on-deck.

    Travis Jewett, Vanderbilt University Hitting Coach, 2014 NCAA Champions, 2015 Runners-Up

  • Varo was an instant hit with our players. They are unique products that all of our guys immediately used on deck! The ARC fits perfectly on the sweet spot of the barrel and it's not too heavy or too light. Perfect technology for the serious hitter.

    Rich Hill, Head Coach, University of San Diego

  • Our hitters liked the way the weight is down on the barrel. The Varo ARC and COR bat weights help a player get the head of the bat through the zone since they are weighted correctly. Players can develop a better feel of what a game swing truly feels like. Varo weights are something we use everyday in our batting practice routine.

    Bill Kinneberg, Head Coach, University of Utah Baseball

  • The Varo ARC trainer is brilliant. Perhaps the most important portion of our hitter training is tending to barrel manipulation, handling the bat. The ARC allows for this. Every high level hitter has the hand and wrist strength to dominate the bat and handle speed and location change quickly. We love how the ARC supports our hitters development. It's a must product. It simply helps the right way.

    Mark Kertenian, Baseball Coach, Florida International University

  • "All 13 teams in the Beverly Bandit program use the Varo ARC and they love it! The balanced weight allows our players to use Varo in warm-ups to help improve wrist strength as well as bat speed. The Varo ARC is a great tool for every player at every age level!"

    Bill Conroy, Beverly Bandits, Owner and Head Coach

  • Varo are my favorite softball training weights to use on and off the field.  Since the weight is optimally distributed, they provide the best feel. These are also what we use for my kids. They’re a must have!

    Jennie Finch, Olympian Gold Medalist

  • With the Varo ARC, its obvious that the hitter is enabled to strengthen his wrists, forearms, and top hand while practicing proper swing mechanics. This is the first product that keeps in mind the balance of mechanics and strengthening of the necessary muscle components during the warmup, practice, and cool down phases of batting practice. The Varo ARC is a must product for serious swing development.

    Mark Wasikowski, Baseball Coach, University of Oregon

  • The Varo ARC Softball bat weight is one of the best in the market. It fits easy on the body, and distributes the weight perfect. This is one of our girls' favorite bat weight. Go Ducks!!

    Jimmy Kolaitis, University of Oregon Softball, Assistant Coach (Pac 12 Champs 2013, 2014, 2015)

  • My swing maintains a more natural feel while using the Varo ARC compared to traditional weights. I feel more prepared for a major league at bat with the Varo ARC, and I encourage other hitters to feel the different. 

    Alex Gordon, Kansas City 2015 World Champion, 3 Time All-Star

  • Our hitters use the Varo ARC bat weight and take dry swings as they wait for their turn on a drill. The two benefits that our hitters believe the Varo ARC has to offer is, barrel awareness and getting the bat head through the zone. Because the weight is at the end of the bat they can feel where their barrel is throughout the swing, the hitters also get feedback on the correct hand path to get the bat head through the zone. Our hitters value their time with the Varo ARC bat weight during our daily hitting workout.

    Dave Nakama, Baseball Coach, San Jose State

  • Liked the way the ARC's weight is spread throughout the length of the bat, instead of just in the middle of the barrel. The ARC weight helps a player get the head of the bat through the zone since it's weighted correctly. Players get a more game like swing while on deck.

    Alex Hoover, Assistant Baseball Coach, Cal State University Bakersfield

  • The Varo ARC bat weight is durable, easy to travel with and most importantly allows for our hitters to maintain repeatable and athletic barrel movements when preparing to hit. Baseball is a game where process is KING, the Varo ARC prepares you through the process to help achieve exceptional results.

    Keith Beauregard, Baseball Coach, Santa Clara University

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