Varo ARC

The Varo ARC™ is designed and created to protect your bat, condition off-field, and dial-in your swing before stepping up to the plate.

Advanced Weight Distribution

The ARC™'s revolutionary weight distribution technology disperses weight to the end of the bat, creating a game-like swing that improves a player’s mechanics and strengthens baseball muscles. A variety of weight classes provides customized performance for all skill levels – from Pro to Youth.

Diffusing Holes

The ARC™’s unique diffusing holes achieve optimal weight distribution, enhancing a natural swing.

Power Grip

The soft dual-sided power-grip provides maximum grip for easy removal and handling.


The ARC™'s durable, dual-layer composition provides exceptional bat protection, safeguarding the sweet-spot of the bat.

True-Fit Core

The True-Fit Core technology ensures a precise and snug fit to all types of bats – from aluminum youth to wood pro.
  The ARC™ Swing:
Weight at end of bat provides barrel 'feel' through the zone, encouraging an inside path to the baseball.
  Traditional Bat-Weight Swing:
Weight near hands minimizes barrel 'feel' through the zone, encouraging an earlty roll of wrists.

Innovation & Customization

The ARC brings innovation and customization to the game of baseball, through its Advanced Weight Distribution technology and True Fit Core design.

Advanced Weight Distribution

The revolutionary Advanced Weight Distribution technology diffuses the core weight through the use of lightening-holes, focusing the weight at bats end - providing serious baseball players with a customizable weight that aligns to their age and skill level.

This weight distribution technology encourages players to drive their hands through the zone, resulting in an inside path to the baseball. By providing players with customizable weight classes, the ARC conditions muscle memory and strengthens baseball-specific muscles.

The True-Fit Core

The True Fit Core technology ensures a precise fit to all types of bats – from aluminum youth to pro wood. This design transforms customization, allowing each player to select the ideal model for their bat. Check out our ARC Guide and find your personal True Fit.

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